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Name:unusually & exceedingly peculiar
Birthdate:Oct 7
Location:Riley, Michigan, United States of America
Former livejournal user.
Future lion tamer.

Interests (90):

1000 glorious hamsters, 50 cent burritos, aardvarks, alexis rose, back flips, bob dole, boston terriers, buffalo, canoeing, carl, cats in hats, cheese, chocolate chip cookies, christopher arden, coffee, coloring, cooking, cupcakes, cutting muffins, diet coke, dogs in sweaters, dreaming, elphie, emma christine, equality, fainting goats, family, fishing with yaks, frank's sandwich, free beer, george, giant beaver teeth, goat's milk, goldfish, green tea ice cream, henry, hummingbirds, jack russells, juggling, killer vans, kitties, krystal dawn, laughing, llamas, love, lyrics, makeup, making out, men on fire, middle of nowhere, mini horses, mr murple, mr snugglywhiskers, music, mutant sheep, my crock pot, owls, pancakes, photography, piggie banks, pinterest, puggles, pugs, puppies, rainbows, ralph nader, ranting, romance, santa, sarcasm, scrapbooking, screaming, singing, sleeping, somersaults, spleens and kidneys, sunshine, tacos, tegan and sara, the mysterious mr gnome, the ocean, the sims, the wizard of oz, the woods, traverse city, unicorns, wine, writing, zombies,
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